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Пневматические машины из спандекса

Polylion Yarn

 China Shaoxing Xinghui Textile company(Polylion Yarn) limitted is an industry and trade integration company Established in 2011, focusing on export business.
  About Product, We can provide DTY, ACY, SCY, DCY, Viscose yarn and bare spandex.
  About Brand, “POLYLION” is our yarn brand, hope one day our brand will all over the world.

 About polylion yarn team, we have a professional development, production and sales team. Clear division of labor, each perform its own duties, is a professional and dedicated team.
  About Factory, We have 6 ACY machines, producing ACY 500-600 tons/month. Also we have 5 production lines about DTY SCY DCY Viscose and bare spandex production. The powerful production line ensure we can provide products with satisfactory quality and factory price.
  About Quality, We has passed OEKO, recycle with GRS, ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 certification. We believe quality is the key for long cooperation.
  About customer, focusing on export ten years, building cooperation customers more than 20 different countries like Mexico, Pakistan, Tunisia, India, Russia, Bangladesh. 
  We insisted on the management concept of “Quality to win credibility, reputation to benefit. ” Focusing on providing customers satisfactory quality products and professional services.

Polylion yarn main products include
Air-covered yarn (referred to as empty bag, abbreviated as ACY in English) is a yarn in which the outer fiber filament and spandex yarn are drawn through a certain type of nozzle at the same time, and the rhythmic network point is formed by the regular spray pressure of high-compressed air. . The fabric feels soft and smooth;
Mechanical covered yarn (referred to as machine package, English abbreviated as SCY) is the continuous rotation and winding of the outer fiber filament on the core spandex that is drawn at a constant speed. It is twisted and has twist (abbreviated as TPM). , The fabric style is flat and crisp is its main feature.



High quality yarn

China Yarn factory Specializing in polylion Yarns
polylion yarn is the china yarn factory. where you can design your very own custom yarn. You choose the Specification, color, thickness, and amount, and we’ll create your custom yarn for you — perfect for knitting or weaving.

We are a china yarn factory specializing in budget-friendly, custom knitting and weaving yarn on cones. If you don’t already know exactly what you’re looking for, we can help you design your perfect yarn via email, phone or chat. Read up on our handy FAQ, and then feel free to email us with any questions you may have

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