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About Us

China Shaoxing Xinghui Textile Co.,Ltd is a professional exporter team.Has its own factory, We produce ACY Yarn ,SCY Yarn , DTY Yarn , DCY Yarn and supply for Spandex Yarn as well. we have a professional development, production and sales team. Clear division of labor, each perform its own duties, is a professional and dedicated team.


Meet the needs of customers, produce the most perfect yarn


About us We insisted on the management concept of “Concept of profit seeking,Sincere cooperation”.Provide customers
with professional and comprehensive services to meet customer requirements and expectations.

Focus Yarns machine

elasticity and heat retention are increased, thermal conduction is simultaneously reduced.About us Oerlikon Barmag metering pumps GM series are mainly used for high-precision metering of chemical liquids. Precise metering at high pressure is guaranteed even under the most difficult operating conditions involving thin and toxic media.

Texturing machines from Oerlikon Barmag

Texturing is a finishing step that transforms the POY supply yarn into DTY and hence into an attractive and unique product.
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Our core competence is systems designed for the production of high-quality standard or specialty yarns. Regardless of whether polyester or polyamide, microfiber or high denier super-microfiber – Oerlikon Barmag’s POY WINGS technology will give impetus to your success.

Precision processes for textile yarns

Oerlikon Barmag systems master the processes required for manufacturing textile and industrial yarns and spin the standard polymers polyester, polyamide 6 and 6.6 and polypropylene. Furthermore, we have also taken on the challenge of processing complex materials such as PTT, aramid, carbon fibers, glass fibers and similar.
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About us support you in producing premium yarns – with our high-performance spinning system components: from the extruder and the spinning pump, the spin beam and the spin packs all the way through to the quenching system. Because the quality of the yarn is determined by the spinning system.

Productive, energy-efficient, outstanding yarn

Competition within the yarn markets is becoming more intense. The consequence: constantly rising pressure on costs. The solution: optimized production processes, efficient systems, sustainable technologies. All these are provided by our POY technology with WINGS.
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About us


About us has passed O e k o certification and ISO9001:2008 international quality certification and I S O 1 4 0 0 1: 2 0 0 4 environment quality system certification ,GRS certification in 2010.

Meet Our Team

About us : We are a professional yarn production and foreign trade team. We will share the latest technology and machinery of the factory from time to time, introduce new product specifications, etc., and share various fresh and interesting things in the company and daily life.

Factory shots



Introduce factory machinery, daily production, packing and transportation, etc.

Product description



For product specifications, counts, colors, workmanship, etc.

Daily life



Record things at work and share happiness in life

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