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Seeking fabrics that balance stretch and strength for your sportswear, lingerie, or textile needs?

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Why Consider Air Covered Yarn?

Premium ACY Yarn Solutions for Flexible and Durable Textiles

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Advantages of ACY Yarn

ACY yarn blends premium polyester with a spandex core for softness, breathability, and exceptional stretch.

Versatility Unleashed

ACY yarn suits a wide range of applications, from seamless innerwear to swimwear, offering limitless design possibilities.

Supreme Comfort

Crafted for comfort, ACY yarn ensures a gentle, breathable touch, making it ideal for undergarments and more.

Durable & Elastic

With a resilient spandex core, ACY yarn guarantees durability and flexibility, ensuring your creations stand the test of time.

Professional air covered yarn production machine

This machine can spin conventional polyester low elasticity yarn and spandex for air coating, as well as nylon medium elasticity yarn and spandex for air coating. The most important thing is to optimize the silk route, reduce the twists and friction of the silk during the spinning process, reduce the damage of the silk track to the silk, reduce the generation of breakage and fuzz, and meet the requirements of users for air coating fine denier silk, porous silk, and spandex.

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Yarn Certified Excellence: Trust in Our Quality

OEKO-TEX Certified
OEKO-TEX Certified

Our ACY yarn is OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that it is free from harmful substances, making it safe for you and the environment.

GRS Certified
GRS Certified

We hold the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, underscoring our dedication to sustainability and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Air Covered Yarn Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ACY Yarn daily production per machine?

1 machine 3.5 tons (150D).

What certificates does ACY Yarn currently have?

OEKO-TEX Certified and GRS Certified.

Price and delivery advantages of factory ACY Yarn?

We have our own factory, so the price and delivery will be faster, and we have a relatively complete and skilled supply chain, so the delivery time is faster.

What packaging did ACY Yarn use in the past year and the following year, or which packaging sold better?

Carton packaging: 690 * 460 * 298710 * 470 * 298

Carton packaging adopts international general specifications.

Special customization of Air Covered Yarn yarn products?

Customization of customer cardboard boxes, special customization of specifications, and spandex content

Air Covered Yarn Single Specification Minimum Order Quantity?

5 tons.

Where is the widespread use of Air Covered Yarn? What are the respective specifications?

Four spandex fabric : 75/72+40, 75/144+40, 200/144+40 Socks:150/48+20、150/48+40、75/36+20、75/36+30、75/36+40、150/96+20、150/96+40 Denim: 200/96+40, 150/48+40, 300/96+40

What is the difference between purchasing spandex Yarn from different countries (such as India) and wholesale in China?

China has reliable quality, higher quality, and a relatively long history of textile industry

How to change the shrinkage rate of Air Covered Yarn?

By adjusting the stretching of the rabbi and POY.

How many kilograms of ACY Yarn samples are free of charge and shipping costs

The sample is free within 3 kilograms, and the shipping cost is borne by the customer; More than 3 kilograms will be charged at the market price, and the shipping cost will be borne by the customer.

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