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What is air covering yarn?

Air covering produces elastic yarn by combining textured yarn with elastane.One or more draw-textured yarns (DTY) are overfed, enter the air jets with minimal tension and form the interweaving point.

about yarn

Spinning is made by twisting short fibers together in an S or Z twist to make a single thread. The process of twisting fibers into yarn, called spinning, was one of the first industrial processes.

Yarn is a long, continuous interlocking fiber used in textile production, sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery or rope making.

Yarns can be made from many different fibers. This includes both natural and synthetic fibers.

Air jet covered

Air – jet spinning has two layers of yarn structure. The core fibers have no twist and are wrapped in fibers like spinning cups. The core fibers that make up 90% of the yarn are untwisted, straight and parallel

Covering power is a kind of performance of covering degree of yarn to fabric. 2.3. Pressure welding. Corrugation of deformed filament yarn. This property can be expressed by the number of crimp elongation.

The coverage factor is a number indicating the extent to which a fabric area is covered by a set of threads. Coverage power refers to an item’s ability to take up space or cover an area. Fabrics with better coverage will be warmer, look and feel stronger, and more durable.

polyester yarn
About yarn

Air covering yarn usage


Specifications and Uses

Spandex covered yarns are mainly used in fabrics that require high elasticity, and some are used in woven fabrics. The fabric woven with covered yarn is thicker, especially suitable for weaving sports tights, such as swimming suits, ski suits, etc.

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