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How is spandex produced?


It is a kind of elastic fiber, the scientific name is Polyurethane fiber (Polyurethane), abbreviated (PU). It is called “spandex” in mainland China. It is highly elastic and can be stretched 6 to 7 times, but can quickly return to its original state with the disappearance of tension. Its molecular structure is a chain-like, soft and extensible Polyurethanes that enhance their properties by linking together hard segments. Elastic fibers are divided into two categories: one is polyester chain; the other is polyether chain. Polyester elastic fibers have strong anti-oxidation and oil resistance; polyether elastic fibers have good mildew resistance and detergent resistance.

Do you know about spandex physical properties?

spandex yarn

Chemical fibers refer to those fibers that are made of natural or synthetic high polymers and processed by chemical methods. They can be divided into two categories: man-made fibers and synthetic fibers. There are two kinds of man-made fibers, namely man-made cellulose fibers (such as viscose fibers, strong fibers, etc.) and man-made protein fibers (such as soybean fibers, peanut fibers, etc.), while the camp of synthetic fibers is relatively large, including polyester fibers (ie polyester fibers). ), polyamide fibers (nylon 6, nylon 66, etc.), polyacrylonitrile fibers (acrylic fibers), polyvinyl formal fibers (vinylon), polypropylene fibers (polypropylene), polyvinyl chloride fibers (polyvinyl chloride), polyurethane Formate fiber (spandex). The composition material contains more than 85% of the components of polyurethane, the trade names are Lycra (Lycra, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil), Neolon (Neolon, Japan), Dorlastan (Dorlastan, Germany) etc.


Standard products use bare spandex thread. Naked spandex knitted using the vanisé method is used in standard products as well as sheer and summer tights. Stretch properties are reduced, but super-clear bodysuits can be produced. Covered Spandex is for the mid to high end market – in fact, the more protection the spandex is, the more durable and expensive the tights will be. The dress is also very soft to the touch.

spandex yarn

How Is Lycra spandex yarn Made?

The process begins with mixing polyethylene glycol and diisocyanate monomers to produce a prepolymer that is used as a Lycra base. Next, the solution is exposed to precisely calibrated levels of heat and pressure to initiate a chemical reaction that forms the prepolymer. If the volume ratio of these two substances is out of balance, no prepolymer will form, a ratio of 1:2 is observed in most applications.

Lycra is a fully synthetic fiber, which means all of its components are made in a laboratory setting. While many of the components used to make chemicals in Lycra fabrics have organic origins, when they are formed into Lycra fibers, they have been formulated and reformulated to the extent that they have nothing to do with organic components.

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