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Our yarns come from our own factories, are produced on professional and expensive machines, and have passed various certifications. You can click the video button on the right to view our product information. You can check them through the following official links:
We pay attention to the quality and comfort of the yarn. Various specifications of yarn can be used for various purposes, including socks, scarves, underwear, fabrics and various textile products. After multiple processes, the finished product is formed, and then sent to the buyer through a series of packaging and transportation.
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spandex yarn

Air Covered Yarn


Air covered is the process of combining two or more yarns to create a unique yarn with a combination of new properties. Air covered yarns can be used to produce fabrics of different styles, feel and functions, and can be designed for woven and knitted fabrics according to their properties. They are comfortable to wear and can adjust their elasticity to suit different end products. It involves the production and testing of polyester and lycra air covered yarns on air – coated machines. Yarns are produced at different levels of air pressure, namely 4, 6 and 8 kg/cm2. Denier number of yarns, coil density and polyester yarn content of air covered  yarns increase with increasing air pressure, and coil stability of air covered yarns increases with increasing air pressure.Use indenim,socks,belt,four way strech fabric weaving products.

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Drawn textured yarn


DTY stands for drawn textured yarn are produced by twisting and stretching polyester partially oriented yarns (POY) simultaneously using a high speed texturing machine. Because the deformation in the yarn is created by using air jets. This is a mechanical method.Use the dty in clothing fabrics,bed linings,decorative cloth,tourism prodcts, In the air injection process, cold air is used to produce low ductility bulked yarn.This deforming process can produce permanent deformation, crimping, coils, coils, or wrinkling in the yarn without destroying the basic continuity of the filament. This method not only improves the texture of the yarn, but also gives it a soft and fuzzy feel. This deforming process adds warmth and comfort to the fabric made using these types of yarns. This is mainly because coils or crimp entrap a large number of small holes that prevent air from flowing through the fibers and hold the fabric together.

Drawn textured yarns are mainly used in weaving and knitting fabrics for making clothing, household items, seat covers, luggage and many other uses. Depending on the type of filament section, DTY yarns can be semi – or fully matted or bright or three – leaf bright.

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spandex yarn

Spandex Yarn


Spandex yarn is a kind of artificial elastic fiber. It is an artificial textured material with elastic properties and is referred to non-exclusively as “elastic yarn”. Spandex is usually used for athletic or dynamic clothing. Spandex has gained a minority fascination as a clothing material, possibly because the garment constitutes an “instant skin” as a fetishistic substitute for the wearer’s own particular skin. Huafong, New Star,Tong Kun, Hen Yi Lycra is usually one of the textures of tights.

Spandex can stretch four to seven times its underlying length, but once the tension is released, it springs back to its unique length. While spandex appears by all accounts to be a single, durable thread, it’s actually a bunch of tiny fibers.Use in sportswear,home products,protective suit,bandage products.

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